Solar Integrated Remote Monitoring Station (SIRMS)

Remote Monitoring and Control – Powered by the Future

Harnessing the power of Starlink satellite internet and sustainable solar energy, we unlock remote possibilities you never imagined.

The Challenge of Rural Connectivity

Rural areas often lack reliable power and internet. This limits technology for home security, wildlife monitoring, agricultural observation, and crucial tasks like wildfire protection.

Remote Secure Link: Our Solution



Self-sufficient energy to run cameras, sensors, and more.

Starlink Internet

Low-latency, high-bandwidth connectivity anywhere.

Wireless Bridges

Create a secure 5-mile radius network for all your devices.

Transforming Remote Applications

Security: Protect remote property, construction sites, and assets.

Wildlife Monitoring: Observe sensitive habitats without disruption.

Agriculture: Track livestock, monitor crops, and optimize remote operations.

Environmental Research: Collect critical data in untouched locations.

Wildfire Protection: Early detection systems for BLM and Forestry Service, enabling rapid response in vast, remote areas.

And More: The possibilities are truly endless!

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We specialize in innovative off-grid technology solutions.


Systems tailored to your unique needs.


Robust equipment for even the harshest environments.

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