Have you heard colleagues talking about their new VoIP phones and wondered what they are?  VoIP phones are phones that use the internet to relay sound and video versus the antiquated copper landlines that had to be installed into the office by a phone carrier.   And because there isn’t any hard infrastructure needed, the monthly cost of VoIP phones saves most customers at least 50% over their old phone carrier.   VoIP phones can be utilized in any location that has internet access, even the old calving barn, or the grain bins over on the “back 40”.   Our VoIP phone provider, Ooma, has great wired and wireless hardware options including handhelds and multi-line receptionist phones.  “You don’t have internet access in the “back 40”?  We have that covered!  We’re able to bridge the internet from one location to almost anywhere within a reasonable distance.  Don’t let internet access keep you from utilizing the VoIP phones of the future.   

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