Accounting IT Services means something different than it did 10 years ago.  Staying up to date with technology changes used to be really SIMPLE, for Accounting Firms.  Upgrade your accounting software and tax preparation software to the current year’s version and keep the prior years also.  That was back when workpapers were all completed manually and kept in fireproof vaults or filing cabinets.  


Now your clients’ technology and softwares are changing rapidly and they are all moving to “the Cloud” (“the Cloud”??).  They expect you to just be able to download the statements you need from “the Cloud” and wonder why that isn’t just as easy as it sounds for you.  DON’T be that Firm!  We have cost-effective and efficient ways to move your Firm into the age of “the Cloud”.  With Cloud Migration Services and Cloud Storage options you’ll be the Firm everyone is flocking to.  


Yes, we know that Accounting Firm information is confidential and maintaining Cybersecurity and Data Privacy is of the utmost importance.  We’ve got that handled!  And we’ll eliminate your fireproof vaults and filing cabinets using the latest technology in Cloud Storage and Workpaper Preparation softwares.   


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